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How to use the dialling code to call a mobile telephone or a landline telephone :

- If you are looking to travel or make a call to a foreign country then you will need to know the international prefix of that country, and if the call will be for a fixed telephone as well as the code of that country you will have to take into account the regional prefix (code of the city) of the area you want to call.


--www.indicatif-telephone.net is your complete guide of international dialling codes. It will give you the necessary information about calling with or using international country codes or area code from a country towards an other.You will also find here several useful information about each country, for example, flag, language, iso code, geographical map ...

- International area dialing code (country codes - international prefixes) -when it is an international call between country and other one- work in the same way as regional prefixes in national calls, but without eliminating the regional prefix in calls to foreign landline numbers

- In international calls, first dial 00 or + indicating that it is an international call and then the international code of that country, then mark the regional prefix, to which we have to delete the zero in front which usually leads, and finally, as usual, the number of the person you want to call. In case of international calls to a mobile phone or cell phone, regional prefixes are not required, the first 0 of the cellphone is changed directly by the international code of that country.

- Here is an example of a call from England to Germany in case of a cell phone number 06621951XX and in the case of a landline phone number of berlin 902 056 9XX.

If you wish for example to call United Kingdom, change the first 0 of the phone number by the area code 0044
and then the entire phone number. It is important to know that each city has its own area code. So, to dial correctely a phone number :

  • replace the first zero 0 by the international dialling code of a country
  • dial the city code followed by the local number.

List of the intrnational Area codes, Country ISO Codes

ISO 2 Country Country code ISO 3