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- Country code of Belize :

The dialing code to call :

+ 501   |   00 501

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Belize : How to call Belize ?

This page is specially dedicated to Belize international dialing codes.


Calling Belize

  • 01) dial 00 or +
  • 02) dial Belize country Code

Example : how to call from France to a fixed phone in Belize : 00 + 501 + xx xx xx xx


Calling Belize from USA the United States

  • first, dial US exit code +011+ for all international calls from USA and Canada
  • second, dial Belize country Code

Example : how to call from US to a fixed phone in Belize : 011 + 501 + xx xx xx xx


how to dial telephone number:

  • landline phone (fixed phone) : 8 digits including local area code
  • cell phones : 9 digits

Belize : How to call USA (United States of America) from Belize ?

Area Code lookup

While searching for Belize Country Code, you may look for a city area code. provides you the list above named Belize Cities Area Codes. You can also find below some useful information about Belize ISO code, Belize area square (km), Belize population , and Belize international code.

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Informations about Belize

  • Flag of Belize :
  • Belize telephone country code :
    00501 ou +501
  • ISO code Belize:
  • Belize population :
  • Belize Area Sq. Km :
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